1. Name: Erica (with a "C") Vernis
2. Years as a Photographer: 6 (plus or minus some)
3. Me in 1 Sentence: I am a happily married, educated and empowered woman, who goes crazy whenever puppies are around.
4. Most Likely to Binge Watch: Friends or The Office (depending on the time of day)
5. Favorite pastime: Does eating a bowl of chips/popcorn count?
6. The thing I hate to do around the house: Cook
7. The thing I love to do around the house: Eat whatever my husband cooks
8. All-time Favorite Snack: See no. 5
9. If life Hands you Lemons… Ask for Tequila & Salt
10. My Bucket List:
 ◦ To... visit every Disney theme park
 ◦ To... watch El Clásico in person
 ◦ To... swim with dolphins
 ◦ To... attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry (if only)

more about me


    While weddings can be so much fun to be a part of, there is so much more about wedding days that I truly care about.
I believe in love, marriage, and trusting relationships. I come from a family who’s marriages go back hundreds of years and not a single failed marriage runs through my family tree. I was taught that if you want some thing to last you work hard at it and never give up. I love to work with ALL types of couples who cherish marriage in the same manner as I do.
   I’d love to be there on your special day to capture the love between you both. Please, allow me to document your memories for your future children and grandchildren to see, to look back on and be a reminder of what marriage is truly about. 

  I hold no discrimination on the concept of love, I am proud to serve and support ALL couples. The flowers, dress and cake aside, a couple who cares more about getting to say “I do” is my kind of couple!